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28 July 2022


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13 June 2022

07 August 2022

Ukrainian medical students start training at one of UK's top universities
Sky News

University of Cambridge - Ukrainians starting training at one of UK's top universities

Medical students from Ukraine have started training at one of the UK’s top universities after fleeing the country due to the ongoing war.It is the first programme of its kind supporting Ukrainian medical students in the UK. With most of them having been training virtually due to the pandemic and war, this is a great opportunity for them to gain hands-on experience which may be able to support others in the future.

03 August 2022

Chorley and District continues to lend their support to Ukraine
Lancashire Post

From Lancashire Post - Some of the many Chorley and District volunteers helping Ukraine including Stuart Clewlow (yellow vest)

Volunteers in Chorley and District continue to lend their support to Ukraine with donations being sent across to the country and items also being available to those who have recently moved to the area.

02 August 2022

Homes for Ukraine: welcome guide for Ukrainian children under 18

A Kid Protesting against the War in Ukraine

GOV.UK has put together a helpful welcome guide for Ukrainian children under the age of 18, offering support and further resources under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. From what to expect in your first few weeks to education and welfare.

29 July 2022

Displaced Ukrainian students find education with US online tools
GBH News

Anant Agarwal speaks at the TEDx conference

Ukrainian professors and students are turning to online platforms like edX and Coursera to continue their teaching and learning.Since February, edX has served nearly 3,000 students at more than 40 Ukrainian institutions.

28 July 2022

100,000 Ukrainians welcomed to safety in the UK

Ukraine Save The Children Image

More than 100,000 people from Ukraine have arrived in the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine Scheme. This an amazing milestone to reach as more people are being welcomed into homes, communities and councils.There are also additional links on the webpage for those still looking to move to the UK including this information here.

27 July 2022

New Lancaster hub offers help and advice to Ukrainians
Lancaster Guardian

Lancaster Town Hall. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

A special event is being held next month in Lancaster for Ukrainians who are settling in the UK. The first in a series of events will offer advice and support on a range of issues including employment opportunities and access to skills. Children are welcome and a translator will also be available.

25 July 2022

Kenilworth community pulls together to help Ukraine refugees
BBC News

Kenilworth pulls together to help Ukraine refugees

Kenilworth in Warwickshire has been praised for welcoming and supporting refugees from Ukraine. Hundreds have settled across the county through the Ukraine Family or Homes For Ukraine schemes.For the Homes for Ukraine scheme, visit here.

25 July 2022

Eurovision 2023 to be
held in UK on behalf of Ukraine

Sky News

Eurovision - Microphone

The UK is to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Content on behalf of Ukraine. Due to the ongoing war, the risks are too high for the country to host the next competition after Ukrainian folk rap group, Kalush Orchestra won the competition this year. Ukraine will be celebrated and represented throughout the event.

23 July 2022

Ukrainian journalist eternally grateful for Lincolnshire hosts
The Lincolnite

Ukrainian journalist and refugee eternally grateful for Lincolnshire hosts

A Ukrainian refugee has praised the UK for it’s continued support. The 27-year-old who is living with hosts in Branston is one of more than 120 learners who have taken places in more than 30 courses organised for refugees from the Ukraine conflict in partnership with Lincoln College.Lincoln College offer short courses (costs may vary), with more information here.

20 July 2022

Can Ukrainians who moved to the UK go on holiday abroad?

Ukraine Passport

Before thinking of travelling anywhere outside of the UK, there are a few things you need to know. The Express have put together an article that looks further into this including answering questions about travelling out of the UK.

20 July 2022

Charity sets up Homes for Ukraine Helpline to support across Ryedale District
Gazette & Herald

Citizens Advice North Yorkshire Helpline

Charity, Citizens Advice North Yorkshire has set up a Homes for Ukraine Helpline to support Ukrainians and their sponsors across the Ryedale District. The charity can support Ukrainians, family hosts and their sponsors with advice on accessing all of the current welfare benefits and support with applications, form filling and appeals.

12 July 2022

Bristol welcoming Ukrainian Refugees with Community Hubs
Christian Action Bristol & BBC News


Bristol community hubs support Ukrainian refugees. The hubs are a collaboration between charities, churches and the council and have supported 600+ Ukrainians who have come to the city of Bristol since the war started earlier this year. For details on hubs, click the link at the top or the image.BBC News story can be found here.

07 July 2022

Bath hospital launches special gift list website to support Ukraine
Bath Echo (& Various Clinics across the UK)

Circle Health Group Website

Circle Health Group has launched a new gift list style website to provide urgent medical supplies to support people in Ukraine.The UK’s largest independent hospital group launched the website in response to requests from patients and members of the public across their multiple network of hospitals including Bath Clinic. Various medical items include vital equipment for treating sick and wounded patients.

06 July 2022

Gloucestershire opens homes to more than 700 Ukrainians
BBC News & Gloucester City Council

Stroud Ukrainian Community Network

Over 700 Ukrainians have been given a place to stay in Gloucestershire under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.Some have been supported by the Stroud Ukrainian Community Network.More information can be found on the Gloucester City Council website.

05 July 2022

British Red Cross
Help for Ukrainian Nationals: Information and support

British Red Cross

British Red Cross: Help for Ukrainians

New to the UK?
The British Red Cross has lots of useful information about life in the UK. Including women’s health & parental advice, staying safe and accessing services online.
Take a look at one of their many helpful videos here.

28 June 2022

University of Kent signs twinning agreement to support Ukraine's Kherson State University
Kent Online

University of Kent

University of Kent has signed a twinning agreement to support Ukraine’s Kherson State University (KSU). This will include delivering online English classes from Kent to KSU, online guests lectures and donations of IT and other technical equipment.

28 June 2022

New UK package offers support to Ukrainian researchers and entrepreneurs

Ukraine Science and Technology Fund

New support measures have been announced for Ukraine’s Science & Technology and Research sectors. With over 5,000 IT companies and 285,000 IT Specialists living in Ukraine, the sectors will be vital to Ukraine’s long-term resilience and recovery. The package of measures announced will give Ukraine’s best scientists and tech entrepreneurs the help they need to rebuild the country.

27 June 2022

Royal Northern College of Music Ukrainian Musicians Fund
RNCM Twitter


The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester has launched a support fund to Ukrainian students displaced by the Russian invasion.The music college will provide tuition fees, living costs, English language training, and health and wellbeing care.

27 June 2022

Cambridge University
launches a help for Ukraine package!

Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Together with the Ukrainian Government and Universities, the new scheme will support students and academics affected by the ongoing war. As detailed on Cambridge University’s website:“Cambridge University Help for Ukraine includes fully funded residential placements, in a wide range of subjects, for more than 30 students and academics to continue their studies and research in Cambridge, clinical placements for medical students, and help for academics still working in Ukraine.”

23 June 2022

How can I offer a UK
home to Ukrainian refugees?

BBC News

Ukraine Family Visa Scheme

- How does the Home for Ukraine scheme work?
- Who can apply?
- What charities or organisations are out there?
- What about safety?
In this insightful guide from the BBC, all of these questions and more are answered, providing useful links and other advice to help Ukrainian refugees and those wanting to offer help.

23 June 2022

Homes for Ukraine scheme to process applications from unaccompanied children

Homes for Ukraine

Following yesterday’s report, the government has announced that the Homes For Ukraine scheme will allow children and minors under the age of 18 who have already applied to come to the UK without a parent or guardian.This is a great step forward and will help the 1000 children who have applied and been unable to travel or be reunited with loved ones in the UK.

22 June 2022

Ukrainian government recruits UK ad giant WPP to craft economy rebuilding campaign

WPP Ad Agecy

The Ukrainian government has recruited UK ad giant WPP to craft an economy rebuilding campaign to attract investment into Ukraine and help rebuild its economy. The campaign is to demonstrate that the country is open for business.

22 June 2022

Ukraine refugees:
UK set to admit lone teenagers
after rule change

BBC News

Change to visa rules for under 18's

It has been revealed that the UK is set to admit lone teenagers into the country after a rule change to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. The changes are expected this Wednesday, which will allow more unaccompanied teenagers to come to the UK. It’s worth noting though that this will benefit only those unaccompanied minors who are already in the system.

20 June 2022

20th-26th June is Refugee Week. Find events and talks near you!
Across the country

Refugee Week 2022

Refugee Week 2022 (20th - 26th June). Today is World Refugee Day, which honours the strength and courage of refugees across the globe. Refugee Week celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. This year is all about healing. With many events happening across the country, find out what’s on in your area.

17 June 2022

UK pledges $3 billion support to help Ukraine rebuild post conflict

World Flight Path

High level talks have been taking place to identify where UK companies have world-class skills that can support reconstruction efforts – including digital and services, water and sanitation, energy, power, and transport. Looking at a post-conflict Ukraine, the support announced forms part of the UK’s commitment to provide a combined economic, humanitarian and military support package worth around $3 billion.

17 June 2022

Boris Johnson promises Ukraine UK-led troop training scheme
The Guardian

Boris Johnson and President Zelensky

Boris Johnson has offered a UK-led training programme for Ukrainian forces. Promising further support to Ukraine, the Prime Minister announced the training programme could take place just outside of Ukraine.

15 June 2022

Boris Johnson talks support for Ukraine during call with President Zelenskyy

No.10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister spoke to President Zelenskyy yesterday evening to reiterate the UK’s unwavering support for Ukraine. Boris Johnson said Ukraine could count on the UK’s full support until its eventual victory against Russia.

14 June 2022

York welcomes Kyiv City Ballet for first UK performance since invasion
ITV News

Kyiv City Ballet

Last night, Kyiv City Ballet performed it’s first UK performance since Russia’s Ukraine Invasion. Taking to the stage at the York Theatre Royal, the ballet dancers performed in aid of UNICEF's Ukraine Appeal. The event is expected to raise over £25,000 for the relief effort.

10 June 2022

Ukrainian President speaking to Coventry University students
Coventry University on LinkedIn

Coventry University

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed students as part of a live broadcast to a small number of UK universities. The students in attendance were all part of the Ukrainian Students Union (USU). Well done to Pavel Pimkin, Coventry University’s Ukraine Society’s President, for organising!

8 June 2022

Support Alek running 100km to raise funds for an ambulance for Ukraine
Alek Legosteva on LinkedIn

Aleksandra Legosteva 🇺🇦

It is day 105 since February 24 the Ukraine war started but somehow it became less shocking or sensational despite daily deaths of 60-100 soldiers and civilians. See how Ukrainian Alek who now lives in the UK is doing her bit by running 100 km to raise funds for an ambulance. Click here to donate or share this.

8 June 2022

Ukraine refugees say free English lessons are helping them settle


Charities and language schools are giving free English lessons to help Ukrainian refugees settle in the UK.
Anastasiia Vellikokhatska said her family had come to Bath "with nothing" and learning English is helping them "start a new life" together. Organisations such as Bath Welcome's refugees and the Elac Study Centre are offering the free sessions.

7 June 2022

How many Ukrainians have fled their homes and where have they gone?

How many Ukrainians have fled their homes and where have they gone?

The BBC has reported that more than 14 million people have fled their homes since Russia's invasion of Ukraine; seven million left for neighbouring countries, while eight million people are displaced inside Ukraine itself. However, millions of Ukrainians have also been returning to their home country - especially to cities like Kyiv, which Russian forces are no longer targeting.

1 June 2022

UNICEF calls for immediate ceasefire to protect all children from hard
Unicef on Twitter


Nearly 100 days of war in #Ukraine have wrought devastating consequences for #children at a scale and speed not seen since World War II. UNICEF continues to call for an immediate ceasefire to protect all children from harm.

30 May 2022

Innovation fund launches to support Ukrainian armed forces
UK Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

The brightest minds in the UK Defence industry are being encouraged to continue developing more battle-winning ideas to help Ukraine

26 May 2022

Ukraine needs support, not timorous advice
The Economist

The Economist

The war in Ukraine has entered its fourth month, and such unprovoked aggression has met with a response that few imagined possible; from brave Ukrainians and Western countries that have given them political, economic and material support. The Economists argues for more support and reminds supporters that appeasing Putin will not bring lasting peace.

12 May 2022

Ukraine tech companies are ready for business
Martin Carpenter, Freddie Quek on LinkedIn

Support businesses in Ukraine

TechLinkUkraine is socialising and signposting how we can all do our part to help the people of #ukraine, remembering that #Ukraine is still open for business. Olena Drabyk wants to share how her company inVerita not only continues to operate despite the war, but is also helping to raise funds to support the country. Please signpost for others, and even better if you can work with companies like them.

11 May 2022

Nearshore Development and Ukraine
Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor, co-founder of TechLinkUkraine will share his experience working with nearshore development in Ukraine, with thanks to CIO WaterCooler for organising this event to discuss the industry impact of the Ukrainian conflict. Click here to join event.

10 May 2022

Donate and get devices into the hands of children so that their education can restart
Freddie Quek, Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor, Freddie Quek on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor and Freddie Quek, co-Founders of TechlinkUkraine, call out to their networks to help get devices into the hands of children so that their education can restart. In Shaun's words, "if another 100 organisation followed the lead of Will Gilbert and Julian McCallum by funding 10 tablets each these children would able to restart their education in a matter of days!" If you can help, please dm Shaun. #Digitalinclusion includes those who are suffering from the conflict of #war.

9 May 2022

Call for corporates to donate devices to help Ukraine's children restart education
Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

Shaun Taylor of TechLinkUkraine highlights why we need to invest in the young as they are tomorrow's talent pool. See's article
"How Ukraine’s young entrepreneurs are fighting to keep their economy going"

7 May 2022

The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine Part 3
Richard Knowlton on LinkedIn

Richard Knowlton on LinkedIn

Cybersecurity expert Richard Knowlton highlights this series of posts for those interested in mobile telecoms and cyber warfare in Ukraine. In this multi-part blog series by Cathal McDaid on the Mobile Battleground in Ukraine, it first covered the many security and resilience steps that the Ukrainian Mobile Operator community took to defend their mobile networks.

5 May 2022

Future Human event kicks off 12-13 May in Dublin
Neill Dunwoody, Silicon Republic

Neill Dunwoody

TechLinkUkraine's co-founder, Neill Dunwoody will be sharing what TechLinkUkraine is doing at Silicon Republic's Human Future event. Join us in person this 12-13 May at the state-of-the-art Trinity Business School building, or online.

2 May 2022

Priti Patel faces legal threat over Ukraine visa delays
BBC News

Priti Patel

BBC News report Home Secretary Priti Patel faces the threat of legal action over delays in the visa process for Ukraine refugees. Groups representing Britons hoping to host Ukrainians plan to take the first step towards a class action case - and have employed a leading barrister.

2 May 2022

Shambolic process that undermines the tradition of the UK in helping others in desperate need.
Martin Carpenter on LinkedIn

Martin Carpenter

Martin Carpenter of TechLinkUkraine slams the UK Home Office for making little progress to unblock the process of resettlement for Ukrainians. Like many others across the UK trying to do what they can do to make a difference, it has undermined such efforts including those by the TechlinkUkraine team.

30 APRIL 2022

UK Ambassador to Ukraine returns to Kyiv
Melinda Simmons on LinkedIn

Kyiv Pecherska Lavra

Melinda Simmons shared her emotional reaction returning to Kyiv -
picture of the newly renovated entrance to the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra. It was finished months before the invasion but was so popular she could not visit it for the crowds. But now, there are no crowds at all.

30 APRIL 2022

Meet Laniev Kostiantyn, experienced project manager
Freddie Quek/WCIT on LinkedIn


The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) calls out to the IT sector in the UK to help Ianiev Kostiantyn who arrived a week ago with his family and is now living in Harpenden. He founded a web development company in Ukraine and has considerable experience as a project manager. Ianiev can be contacted [email protected] or via LinkedIn at Kostiantyn Ianiev

30 APRIL 2022

IIM Supports Tech Link Ukraine Launch
Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

IIM supports TLU

Shaun Taylor of TechLinkUkraine made connection with the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) who are in support of what TechLinkUkraine is doing. See

29 APRIL 2022

Meet Oksana Voitovych, highly experienced Customer Success Manager
Martin Carpenter on LinkedIn

Oksana Voitovych

Martin Carpenter and CatherineAnn Reid signpost Oksana who has recently arrived from Bucha and living in Madrid with her 6 year old nephew whose parents are both in the Ukrainian military. Oksana can work remotely and is recommeded for a SaaS company that wants to increase adoption and retention of B2B software. Please contact her directly:

28 APRIL 2022

UNHCR call for 200 tablets to support the education of children displaced by the #ukrainecrisis.
Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

UN Refugee Agency

Shaun Taylor of TechLinkUkraine was on a call with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Calling out to his network from Google Amazon Microsoft HP Apple Three UK Vodafone Telefónica Orange Samsung Electronics and others to assist. Please get in touch with him.

23 APRIL 2022

UK reopens embassy in Ukraine
Shaun Taylor on LinkedIn

UK reopens embassy in Ukraine

Shaun Taylor of TechLinkUkraine acknowledges this significant first step, but urges the pace at which working visas are issued to be significantly increased; yesterday's words need to translate into action today for those who desperately need help.

23 APRIL 2022

Website set up to connect Irish businesses with Ukrainian refugees
The Irish Times

Neill Dunwoody on Chat&Cheese Podcast

Neill Dunwoody signposts this new website,, a not-for-profit initiative set up by Tech For Good Dublin community to help Irish businesses welcome refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

22 APRIL 2022

Building a network in a foreign country
TechLinkUkraine on Twitter

Building Network in a foreign country

Not-for-profit GoingFarIE is hosting a FREE online #networking MASTERCLASS on 4 May at 5:30 pm with Polish émigré Paulina Kwasniak, entrepreneur and among Ireland’s #30under30. Register here:

22 APRIL 2022

Ukrainian refugees need many things. These companies are trying to get them jobs
CNN News on MSN


#Ukrainians are "...a very attractive and skilled workforce," says Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup which is creating country-specific, Ukrainian-language jobs sites. Together with jobs sites by AdeccoGroup, Randstad, TentOrg and RemoteUkraine.

21 APRIL 2022

TechLinkUkraine on LinkedIn


From South Africa to California, the #jobsforukaine board has 1700+ #remote and onsite opportunities in both industry and the arts.

21 APRIL 2022

Hiring is a form of direct assistance to Ukrainians in need

Neill Dunwoody on Chat&Cheese Podcast

Val Voshchevska started, a UK-based charity rallying support from friends and other volunteers. Less than two weeks after the invasion they launched Jobs for Ukraine, a bare-bones site that pulls together all the jobs and other openings they manually find online. Voshchevska said, “we just need to launch whatever we can and see where it goes.”

20 APRIL 2022

Neill Dunwoody on the world's biggest HR podcast about TechLinkUkraine
Neill Dunwoody on Twitter

Neill Dunwoody on Chat&Cheese Podcast

Neill Dunwoody shared the news of a new website,, a not-for-profit initiative set up by Tech For Good Dublin community to help Irish businesses welcome refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

19 APRIL 2022

IT Leader seeking support to buy one thing to fill lorry to Ukraine
Nigel Watson on LinkedIn

Buy one thing in support

Nigel Watson is asking his network and others to help fill a lorry (kindly donated) by buying one thing on the Amazon wishlist:
His team in Essex will then drive it across - this is their second mission.

16 APRIL 2022

Ex-minister admits refugee scheme is 'bumpy' as he hosts Ukrainian family
Teresa Fritschi

Refugee scheme bumpy

Former cabinet minister Robert Jenrick admitted the Homes for Ukraine scheme is "bumpy" and visas are taking too long to be approved as he welcomed a refugee family into his home - Maria, 40, and her two children, aged 11 and 15 in Nottinghamshire.

16 APRIL 2022

Meet Maria Golovnia, social media marketing professional
Dave Jones

Enterprise Nation article about TechLinkUkraine

Dave Jones shares the story of Maria Golovnia from Charkiv. 3 weeks ago Maria arrived in Frankfurt. She is looking for a role or an internship so that she can get back into being in the driver seat of her own life.

16 APRIL 2022

IT Ukraine Association is launching Diia.City Legal Support
Freddie Quek on LinkedIn

IT Ukraine Association Legal Support

A service for legal support of IT Ukraine Association members who are residents. It provides expert assistance to companies - candidates for joining Diia.City, legal services for companies - residents of Diia.City, assistance in communication with the Ministry of Digital Transformation on the issues related to Diia.City as well as participation in improving the legislation on Diia.City.

14 APRIL 2022

Meet Vera, multi-lingual recruitment professional
Teresa Fritschi on LinkedIn

Meet Vera

Teresa Fritschi signposts this talented multi-lingual recruitment professional, Vera. To get into IT recruitment, she is interested in traineeship opportunities or project based work.

13 APRIL 2022

Building an online platform to support Ukraine’s tech workers
Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation article about TechLinkUkraine

5 weeks ago, long-time recruitment specialist Neill Dunwoody had just helped a Ukrainian woman, who’d arrived in Ireland, to secure work through his network – a catalyst to helping thousands of Ukrainian displaced tech workers and start-ups. Martin Carpenter, Adrian Wakefield and Shaun Taylor and others joined forces with Neill, and within two weeks they were up and running with Tech Link Ukraine.

12 APRIL 2022

Free legal assistance to organizations helping Ukrainian refugees
Beth Knight, Amazon on LinkedIn


More than 150 lawyers from Amazon and pro bono partners from the U.S., Europe, Mexico, India, and Australia are teaming up to offer free legal assistance to organizations helping Ukrainian refugees.

11 APRIL 2022

Interview with Martin Carpenter, Co-Founder of TechLinkUkraine
Adrian Wakefield on LinkedIn

Martin Carpenter, Co-Founder, TechLinkUkraine

Thanks to CIO WaterCooler, Daniel Warburton and David Savage for talking to TechlinkUkraine co-founder Martin Carpenter to explain what we are doing and importantly why we're doing it.

8 APRIL 2022

Any Ukrainian IT professional is welcome into the BCS membership at no cost, with access to facilities, advice and networks
Freddie Quek on LinkedIn


BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT coming out in strong and tangible support of IT professionals from Ukraine:
-Use of the BCS London Offices
-Introduction to relevant local BCS branches and specialist groups for networking
-Practical support through its mentoring network in searching for and applying for IT roles.

8 APRIL 2022

Hire Ukrainian talent from EmployUkraine (formerly RemoteUkraine)
Neill Dunwoody on LinkedIn


Over 10 million people have been displaced as a result of the war in Ukraine, including thousands of professionals. Free to use – 7,000+ candidates, 2,500+ jobs, candidates in software, industry, marketing, trade, remote or in-person roles.

7 APRIL 2022

Meet Liubov Priadko, a UI/UX and graphic designer
Martin Carpenter on LinkedIn


Martin Carpenter signposts for Liubov Priadko to check out EmployUkraine. Because of the situation in Ukraine she had to relocate to Frankfurt and is looking for a job. Get in touch if you can help her.

6 APRIL 2022

Meet George: Mission to just help one more person
Adrian Wakefield on LinkedIn


TechLinkUkraine set out with a mission to "help just one more person". Adrian Wakefield spoke with George and found out how his life has been completely turned upside down by the invasion of Ukraine. Get in touch if you can help George.

1 Apr 2022

Emerging tech sector in Ukraine is open for business
CIO WaterCooler on Youtube

Video of Ukraine IT Association saying it is open for business

Interview with Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director at IT Ukraine Association, representing 100+ companies and 75,000+ IT professionals in Ukraine. If somehow the fibre optic network goes down, Ukraine’s tech sector will stay in business thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. Companies have relocated teams to relatively safe areas. Ukrainian tech companies were already diversified with developers based in other European countries and the US. ‘We have a manageable situation regarding our people, their safety, their connectivity and their productivity,’ Vasyuk assures.

31 Mar 2022

UK tech communities and leaders coming together
Doug Drinkwater, ComputerWorld

Ukrainian IT industry open for business

Ukraine’s leading IT trade association insists the country remains open for business and able to deliver technology projects to foreign clients, even amid the war with Russia and the ongoing refugee crisis.

29 Mar 2022

TechLinkUkraine at Talent Summit
Neill Dunwoody in Dublin, Ireland

TechLinkUkraine at Talent Summit in Dublin

Neill Dunwoody representing TechlinkUkraine at #talentsummit in Dublin to get the message out to the recruiting sector to be joined up in helping those who are looking for information or jobs.

29 Mar 2022

Ukrainian IT industry says it is still open for business
Dave Jones, UK IT Leaders on LinkedIn

UK tech communities and leaders coming together to support Ukrainian tech professionals

Over 80 organisations have signed up to help, along with a growing number of talented displaced Ukrainian refugees looking for roles in the tech industry. This is a great testament, once more of how the UK tech communities and leaders come together for a really important cause.

22 Mar 2022

Ukrainian guests looking to come to the UK via the sponsorship scheme
Alek Legosteva on Youtube

Helping Ukrainians who are looking to come to the UK

This is a video guide by Alek Legosteva, a Ukrainian in the UK speaking in Ukrainian for Ukrainians who are looking to come to the UK from the sponsorship scheme.

22 Mar 2022

UK host - how to make sure you are hosting a genuine Ukrainian refugee?
David Buxton on Youtube

How to help UK host check you are hosting a genuine Ukrainian refugee?

This is a video guide by David Buxton, KYC expert for British people who would like to host Ukrainian guests but do not know where to start and how to make it safe and comfortable for everyone.

21 Mar 2022

Tech leaders build link for Ukraine
Mark Chillingworth, Diginomica


Mark Chillingworth, Founder of Horizon CIO Network writes about how CIO communities, technology service providers, recruitment and marketing agencies have come together to launch Tech Link Ukraine, an online resource to connect displaced Ukrainian technologists with organizations in Europe, particularly Ireland and the UK, that need technologist team members.

Better Together

Everyone in technology can do their bit to support Ukraine.

Our mission is to support technologists displaced by the war in Ukraine by providing the opportunity to work and support their families and loved ones. To ensure that refugees have access to information and means of communication, we will share and donate technology with humanitarian groups to support and connect Ukraine during this challenging time.Helping just one Ukrainian will make a difference – join us.

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